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My night last night…

So, its 6:30 pm right now, and i just woke up a half hour ago… no, I’m not kidding. I still feel really tired, and can hardly move, but don’t want to sleep anymore, so i decided to write on my blog… 🙂 Yesterday I started to feel not so good around 3pm, but didn’t think much of it, because I was busy trying to get everything ready for our YP service (which was awesome by the way!) Unfortunately I was only there for half of it… I had to excuse myself from the service because I could feel that I was about to get, ill put it this way, “very sick.” Unfortunately, I was right… I got very sick! My husband and cousin found me in the children’s class room, in a not so good state. (I’ll spare you the details!) Kate rushed me home…I hardly remember it…next thing I knew I was in my bed, continuing to “get sick”… then the next thing I knew, I was in the hospital with an IV hooked up to me… they gave me 3 doses of medicine, said I was very dehydrated and most likely had caught a mean flu bug, or food poisoning. Yuck! I was told by my husband we finally arrived home at 2 am, but I was so sick still, i didn’t fall asleep till 5am. And that is why I just woke up and slept all of Sunday away… 🙂 Wow, what a night! It all feels like it was a weird dream… 🙂 but I am actually feeling much, much better right now! Thank you Jesus!!!


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Funny pic

I don’t know why i think this is so funny… my hubby doesn’t get it…but i think this picture is HILARIOUS! I laugh every time I look at it. 🙂 And in light of “fall fest” right around the corner, i thought i would share it with you all! Does anyone else think its funny….?

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Hello from Portland…

So I realized I have not been blogging very often, but haven’t had a moment this week. Krist and I are in Portland at a conference… but thought I would stop by to say hello! 🙂 Its been a VERY impacting couple days! But I cant wait to get back to good ol’ Boise… my home sweet home….. sigh…..

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