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So I have this silly habit of saying, oh how should I say this, really dumb things….Some of my close friends know this all too well. Well I decided to embrace this unique “gift” of mine, and to start sharing some of the things I say with all of you, out there in the ‘blogisphere.’ Here is an example of a conversation I had recently. I will post more in the days to come… 🙂

Me: “Oh what’s that you’re from Denmark. That’s awesome, Colorado is beautiful!”

Other person: “It is, but why are you talking about Colorado??”

“Aren’t you from Denmark, Colorado?”

“No, that would be Denver, Colorado…”



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We got a little crazy at GC last night….. It’s the new style girls!!! 🙂

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Hello world!

This is my very first blog entry ever, and it is quite exciting! I am thrilled to finally be a part of the blogging community… and hope people will find what I have to say interesting!! (oh please, oh please!) Although I do not have much to say at the moment, due to being busy at work, I will soon write- I promise! But Ta Ta for now!! 🙂

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