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Whale watching…

Tomorrow Krist and I are going whale watching! You hop in a boat with 50+ other people for 4 hours and look for whales… I know I’m a weirdy, I can’t wait! 🙂 Pray for good weather (forecast is saying 60% chance rain, I say sun in Jesus’ name!); And pray we get some pics just like this one! Oh Jesus, please!!!!!


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Today on vaca Krist, Mark and I decided to go kayaking. We arrived at the dock to find out that we had only a half hour to kayak before they shut down shop. Kind of a bummer, but we figured ‘what the heck’ and decided to give it a go! Little did we know a half hour would be PLENTY of time. 🙂 I absolutely love water and was so excited to get out in the vast ocean. What would we see? dolphins? seals? A great Orca perhaps?! We hopped in the kayak and were on our way! We didn’t get too far before it occurred to me…. “babe, could there be sharks out here?” Let me just say now, I’m not afraid of a lot of things, but the thing that I am probably most terrified of is sharks; ever since I was a young girl when I saw the movie Jaws. I don’t know why but it had not occurred to me until that moment that sharks could be out in the ocean where we would be kayaking… duh?… and in that moment I began to panic… The boys did not help either with their teasing comments or thumping the boat with an oar as if a big fish had hit it. 🙂 oh boys… Needless to say, as much as I love the water, I was pretty thankful we only had a half hour- I was already ready to head back! We had no dolphin sightings, no whale sightings… but fortunately NO shark sightings either! Thank you Jesus! But all in all, I did have a good time. I did, really!!

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Kenzi just woke up from a nap and were hanging out on the couch having some bonding time! Perfect time to do a little photo shoot: ) Oh Kenz I just love you!!!

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Vaca in Heaven…

Ocean, mountains, frequent dolphin sightings…what more could you want? We (Krist’s fam) are currently in the San Juan Islands (which is in WA by the way, I know it sounds way more exotic and far away), in a beautiful, HUGE home overlooking the Puget Sound. It’s so relaxing and SO fun! No one surfaces before 11 am- no need- the purpose of vaca, relaxation… And good thing, because once we do awake our day becomes “busy” with activities such as reading on the deck for hours, staring through the binoculars obsessively at the water hoping to spot a dolphin or seal (current tally: 2 dolphins, 4 seals), watching the Olympics by a warm, toasty fire, and doing water aerobics and synchronized swimming in the pool, for exercise of course, (which apparently only burns 150 calories a half hour, bummer Shell and Trace, It sure felt like more!:) ) All in all, Vaca has been very fun so far…. some of the other adventures to come: kayaking with the Orcas, riding mopeds around the town, and possibly heading over to Victoria, Canada for the day! Oh, i almost forgot, and family spa day! Thank you Jesus for a fun, relaxing VACA!

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A night in Gooding…

Last night Trace, Krist and I went down to the Gooding Rodeo with grandma! This was my second year in a row, but my third rodeo since I moved to the great state of Idaho. My rodeo experiences prior to that- none. Well, actually one. But it was a little fair rodeo, not at all like the ones here. But oh my goodness, I just love the Gooding rodeo! These were my favorite things at the rodeo last night:

1. the sweet old man that stamped my hand when I entered…Krist said he is there every year…bless his precious little heart:) I just love old men!

2. the rodeo clown…though at times he was a little crude, but the rest of the times so cheesy… I like cheesy…

3. the yummy elephant ears….mmmm….but I think I’m still full from them.

4. the little dog dressed up like a bull that chased the clown, that I swear was not real! But Krist and Trace say it was….Are you guys sure??

5. The time when the announcer had us all turn around and greet our neighbors. It was just like Church! I think Krist, Trace and I were the only ones who actually did it though:)

6. The great company-Trace, Grandma, her friend Pat, and Krist- and the laughter~

The things I did not like:

1. How they rope poor little calves, innocently trotting along… don’t even ask me about the poor little calf that got hurt…. tear…

2. Oh and the “Beer worthy” girls in the far away section…. don’t ask.

But other then that it was super fun! I HIGHLY recommend you hit up a rodeo this summer if you never have! You will love it….

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A Crazy Idea…

I LOVE Summer!!!!!!!!!!

What’s NOT to love, right?

So, last night, I got this spontaneous urge at 9:00 to hit the pool! I had driven past it on my way home and saw no one was there! (big bonus if you don’t like strutting around in a suit in front of people;) )So my cousin and I decided to go! To our surprise, there was a family of 8 in the pool when we got there.

So we decided to wait it out….

Well, the fam didn’t leave till about 9:45, 15 minutes before the pool closed. Needless to say, as soon as they left (probably wondering why we were just sitting there watching them swim for 45 min, hehe) we got right in! The water was pretty chilly at that point- since their was NO more sunlight, nevertheless, we enjoyed our 15 min. of pool time! Right Kate?? 🙂

Thanks Cous for going with me!

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My day with Bubs!

My day with Bubby!

Here we are at the pool, after a long fun sleepover (where Ethan practiced the motto that has become famous at aunt Kelly and uncle Krist’s house “stay up late!”) We had fun! 🙂

although Krist had to sleep on the floor…. sorry babe! hehe 🙂

Sleepovers with our nieces and nephews are something I LOVE to do! We love them all so much and thoroughly enjoy spending as much time with them as we can! So send em’ on over fam! 🙂

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