How not to witness…

So…today at Starbucks

I got witnessed to.

This has only happened to me once before… What was so funny about this time was

1.) how it happened, and

2.) why out of all the people in Starbucks, this woman chose me to share her “one tract” with.

I had a good prayer time this morning… I read my Bible… I had just got out of staff prayer… was the anointing not evident? 🙂 Did I look the most, out of all the people in there, that I needed Jesus? Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of witnessing to people that turned out to already be saved… I just thought it was kind of funny… 🙂

Which brings me to how it happened…

I was at Starbucks with Meg and Kirst. We walked in, got a table and then I got in line to get us all drinks. I had been in line for a few minutes when a woman came up to me with a $5 bill in her hand. She said to me, “I think you dropped this…” I knew that I hadn’t, so I said “oh thank you, but I don’t think I dropped it.” She then quickly said, “well i think you guys were the last ones to walk through the door, so it must be yours…” then put it in my hand. And took off. Literally.

I was pretty shocked for two reasons…

1.) It had been 5 or 6 min. since we had walked in. It’s Starbucks. Come on… I’m pretty sure 8 people walk in per minute.

2.) Most people (unfortunately) would have just taken the $5 bill… I was pleasantly surprised at this woman’s honesty…

So I walked back to the table to ask the girls if they had dropped it…

only to discover it was not even real.


I then realized as I opened it up that it was a gospel tract.

Oh boy….

What makes me so uneasy about this approach to witnessing is that it was completely deceptive!!! This woman’s whole premise was that she was full of integrity and honesty.

yet the $5 bill was not real, and she knew I did not drop it.

Lucky for this woman I am already saved and love Jesus..

I can only hope that all of us find a more better approach to sharing the TRUTH with those that desperately need it…

without giving em fake money… 🙂


My hero…

A special day…

This Monday represents 2 years…..

……And two years ago my life completely changed….

I love September 8th

because it represents the greatest day of my life.

The day I married my best friend,

the man of my dreams,

the one I couldn’t live with out.

I love him more then words can express…..

thank you babe for making

these last 2 years

the greatest 2 years of my life!

Happy Anniversary!

My beautiful niece Kenzi!

I love…..

My husband and I affectionately call it our “happy place.” I don’t know what it is about that store that makes me want to go there all the time. (And when I say all the time, I REALLY mean it.) Perhaps it is because it’s one stop shopping… you can buy a cute top to wear the next day, some laundry detergent, and furniture all in the same store. The danger in this however is that you might stop by to get some laundry detergent and end up with a new outfit, and a $150 chair chair for your living room.

Trust me…

This is similar to what happened to me on Friday night when I quickly stopped by to grab some new towels for house guests that were coming in to town the following day.

many bags later….

My cousin Kate however did not have this problem, fortunately for her….

good job Kate… 🙂

So today a bunch of our “YPers” went river rafting! It was SO much fun! (And honestly, quite blog worthy) First off, you might notice in this pic, a drink in my hands- its a Rock Star (sugar free to be exact.)

Probably not the best thing to drink before you’re about to do an activity that requires intense focus…

Let’s just say I was a bit ADD the entire time 🙂 and was not the best of help, even during the “BIG” rapids… hehe, sorry guys!

(as seen here)

But one thing I did do on this rafting adventure was save one of my fellow rafter’s lives! (well, sort of….)

Jenni, who was sitting across from me, appeared out of the corner of my eye that she was falling out of the boat as we were going through our first BIG rapid. My motherly instincts kicked in! (no, I’m not yet a mother, but I still have em’) Immediately I let go of my oar (not good) and yelled out, as I reached over to grab her and pull her up, “I’VE GOT YOU JENNI!!!” I then quickly reached for my oar, as it was about to get sucked under the current, which in turn whacked me in the head….

Well, it turns out Jenni was never even falling out of the boat, just leaning in and rowing hard through the rapid, just like we were all supposed to be doing.

Oops….. 🙂

So I have this silly habit of saying, oh how should I say this, really dumb things….Some of my close friends know this all too well. Well I decided to embrace this unique “gift” of mine, and to start sharing some of the things I say with all of you, out there in the ‘blogisphere.’ Here is an example of a conversation I had recently. I will post more in the days to come… 🙂

Me: “Oh what’s that you’re from Denmark. That’s awesome, Colorado is beautiful!”

Other person: “It is, but why are you talking about Colorado??”

“Aren’t you from Denmark, Colorado?”

“No, that would be Denver, Colorado…”